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MLA Technical Support: Do you need a school loaned Chromebook? Are you using a personal device and are having troubles? Reach out to our Technical Support Team. This updated form will cover many of your technical computer issues, providing the support team with enough information to make our responses more specific and expeditious. 
¿Necesita un Chromebook prestado por una escuela? ¿Está usando una computadora personal y tiene problemas? Comuníquese con nuestro equipo de soporte técnico. Esta encuesta actualizada cubrirá muchos de sus problemas técnicos de la computadora, proporcionando al equipo de soporte suficiente información para que nuestras respuestas sean más específicas y rápidas.
Looking for some quick help to some common Chromebook problems? Take a look at some of my latest tips and tricks. If you can't find the solution here, and have a school-loaned Chromebook or other device, contact me through the MLA Technical Support Form and I'll see how I can help.
Did you know that large providers now offer Gig speed and unlimited data (no data caps) plans? As technology continues to improve and increase streaming speeds, it may be time to revisit who your provider is or the package you have. 
Needing affordable internet options for your low income household? Look into Comcast Essentials
Check for updates by following these steps:
  • Turn on the Chromebook
  • Connect the Chromebook to Wi-Fi
  • Click on the time in the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Select the gear/settings
  • Scroll down the menu (left) and then select About Chrome OS.
  • Under the information section for Google Chrome OS, you'll see which version of the chrome operating system the Chromebook is using
  • Select ‘Check for Updates’
  • If the Chromebook finds a software update, it will start to download automatically
    • "Restart" once the updates are complete
Brought to you by our friends at Gray Wolf
Click for a quick tutorial video to make sure you are logged into your students Google Chrome account
Brought to you by our friends at Gray Wolf
Be sure the sound isn’t muted by doing the following steps:
  • In the lower right, click on the clock showing the time
  • Adjust the volume using the slider
Change the sound input or output.
  • In the lower right, click on the time
  • Next to the volume slider, select the right arrow
  • Change where sound comes from (output) or where you speak into (input)

Have you purchased a personal computer for your student this holiday? Do you no longer need your school loaned device? We continue to have requests for new loaner devices or replacement for broken ones. If you no longer have a need for your school loaned device and would like to return it, please contact the Technical Support Team <click here> to arrange a time to drop-off the MLA device, or call the Elementary School (503) 405-7868.

Interested in getting a personal device but don't have it in the budget? Look into this program with FreeGeek <click>. If you have an old device you no longer use, think about donating to FreeGeek and give your electronics a life beyond the scrap yard.

Also, if you have Comcast Essentials, you have the option to purchase a laptop or desktop computer at a discounted price from Comcast. See what's available from Comcast Essentials Low Cost Computer Program <click>.

And if you are needing any assistance with devices - review our Technical Support page with Robert Lindenthal for resources and/or submit a Technical Support Form, or email the Technical Support Team (above).

¿Ha comprado una computadora personal para su estudiante en estas vacaciones? ¿Ya no necesita la computadora prestada por la escuela? Seguimos recibiendo solicitudes para prestar nuevas computadoras o reemplazar las que están dañadas. Si ya no necesita la computadora prestada por la escuela y desea devolverla, comuníquese con el Equipo de Soporte Técnico <clic aquí> para programar una hora para dejar el dispositivo MLA, o llame a la escuela primaria (503) 405 -7868.

¿Está interesado en adquirir una computadora personal pero no la tiene en el presupuesto? Mire este programa con FreeGeek <clic>. Si tiene una computadora vieja que ya no usa, piense en donar a FreeGeek y déle a sus dispositivos electrónicos una vida más allá del depósito de chatarra.

Además, si tiene Comcast Essentials, tiene la opción de comprar una computadora portátil o de escritorio a un precio con descuento de Comcast. Vea lo que está disponible en el programa informático de bajo costo Comcast Essentials <clic>.

Y si necesita ayuda con las computadoras, revise nuestra página de Soporte Técnico con Robert Lindenthal para obtener recursos y / o envíe un Formulario de Soporte Técnico, o envíe un correo electrónico al Equipo de soporte técnico (arriba).