Counselor's Corner - Elementary

MLA Elementary - Annie Weingarten
Hi, I am Annie Weingarten, the elementary school counselor. A little about me; I graduated from Oregon State University in 2014 with a Bachelors in Psychology. After that I went to Lewis and Clark College where I completed my Masters degree in Professional Mental Health Counseling in 2017. In 2020 I received my School Counseling Certificate from Gwynedd Mercy University. I have previous experience working with students in pre-k through 12th grade. I have worked as a community mental health therapist providing services in elementary, middle, and high schools before coming to MLA. I strive to create a fun, inviting, and comfortable environment where I can foster positive relationships with students. My role as a school counselor is to provide a comprehensive school counseling program and services based on the ASCA National Model. This includes collaboration with various stakeholders such as administrators, parents, teachers, other school staff, and students. Additionally, as a school counselor I collaborate with district, city, county, and state agencies to provide extended mental health, counseling, medical, and related services to students and families. My role is to advocate for students by promoting equity and appropriate student support while upholding ethical standards and guidelines. Part of doing this is understanding each individual student as well as their specific needs, strengths, and challenges. After evaluating student needs, I collaborate with other stakeholders in an effort to facilitate student support plans and services. As a school counselor, I lead the school counseling program by communicating and collaborating with administrators, teachers, and school staff to best support all students. Part of this includes observing, evaluating, and assessing students to be able to make informed and data driven decision. I use data and assessments to gain knowledge about our MLA student population and plan appropriate counseling programs to meet all student needs. In addition, I use data and assessments to continually evaluate the effectiveness of school systems and programs. The implementation of a comprehensive school counseling program benefits students as it supports them to reach their full social, emotional, academic, and career potential and goals. As a result of school counseling programs students have the opportunities to gain skills so that mental health, behavioral, and learning challenges are reduced while individualized student growth and learning flourishes. Outside of school I like to spend time outside paddle boarding or skiing. I also enjoy taking my dog to the dog park. I love being a part of the MLA community and a meerkat!