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Hi Friends! 
It has been so long since I've seen you.  I hope everyone is doing well. I have set up my google classroom so if you have not already joined please join with the code q7khopr.  I already have a post for OBOBers.  When I post I will do my best to make sure you know who it is for.
Also, if you need something new to read, ask an adult to email me (or you can email me with your school email:- and I will figure out how to get you some new books.
Let's read soon!!
MLA Elementary Librarian 
Since we will not be back at school this year, that means no bookfair.  I'm so sad.  However, we will have an online bookfair that starts on May 1st and will end on May 14th.  MLA will still make a percentage of the sales and the books will go directly to your home!  Check it out here
 There are some really great things that illustrators  and  authors are doing to try and help kids and parents during this time.  One of my favorite illustrator/authors,  Kazu Kibuishi, has put free coloring sheets on his website.
The older kids will be excited to find out that this is the author of Amulet!!                                                                         ColoringPage_Leon.jpg
Pizza Hut's "Book It Program" has links on their Instagram page to more author greatness (be sure and use your parent's IG because I know YOU don't have one:-)  Thank you Mrs. Schroth for letting staff know about this!
Kate Messner, author of the Ranger in Time series plus others, had compiled a wonderful list of authors and illustrators stepping up during Covid 19.  It really is worth the time to check her website out.
meerkats reading
meerkats reading 1
Need access to more digital content?  Check out Multnomah County Library's collection of ebooks, audio books, comic books, music and more.  Everything is free to use and very easy to access.  Overdrive now has a kids only collection with many titles always available--no waiting for that book!
For a few years now, I have kept a blog of the books I've read and written how I feel about them.  It would take me many hours to recreate that here, so, check out my blog if you want...and I'll be keeping up with it much better.